Open your eyes...

Not everyone sees the world through the eyes of a photographer.
Life makes us busy and as we rush from job to job our eyes are often closed to what surrounds us. We stop seeing beauty in the shape of a cloud, or the vibrant colour of a flower. We shelter inside with the curtains closed rather than embrace and marvel at the power of a storm. Everyday items become invisible to us and we cease to look at the sensuous curves and reflections in glass or metal. We close our eyes...

I capture those lost moments in time for you, so that you can enjoy them at your leisure knowing that, if your day has stopped you having time to really see what surrounds you, those moments are not lost to eternity.

Through my photographs I endeavor to embody the emotion or spirit of the image, so that looking at them, you can lose yourself in the tranquility of a moment; feel the surging energy of the sea; languish in the calm of the evening; marvel at the splendor of a sunset.

Welcome to my world... come in and see through my eyes...

About me

I live in Sandgate, Kent and have done for quite a few years now, I would not swap it for the world.
I love the people here, the village, the sea and scenery surrounding Sandgate is a huge bonus.

I am passionate about my photography and living here helps me attain better and better pictures.
Going digital has proved advantageous to say the least, being able to take time-lapse pictures of clouds forming over the Channel would have been prohibitively expensive and very tricky, and then turning them into a short movie, almost unheard of.

Landscape photography is the area I specialise in, but I do photograph other subjects as well,
including sports or action and portraits and weddings.

Iceland landscape picures can be found here.


Nikon D200
12 - 24mm lens
60mm macro lens
70 - 200 VR lens
SB 800 flash
SB 600 flash
Manfrotto Tripod
Lowepro backpack
Apple Macbook Pro computer
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

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